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Third Parties

You've got a great product, and it's selling well. The end users can't get enough. But the vendor selling to the customer doesn't have the skills to implement. This is where we can help you.


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Subject to the knowledge of your application, we can provide the implemenation skills unavailable to your customers (typically the supplier to the end user). We can implement the software on customer sites, meaning that the end user takes delivery of what he's expecting. No hiccups, not delays, just a quality of service they, and you, expect.

Are your trainers flat out bringing yor customers up to speed? Do you have end users coming to you directly because their service provider cannot train them on your software? We may be able to help. With the right knowledge of your products, we can help in providing, and helping you deliver the quality of service you'd expect.

Adapting your business model to one of Managed Services provision? You need additional resource during the infancy of these changes, testing the water to ensure that it's the right move for you. But you don't want to commit to additional staff, at least not until the model has proven itself.

With dc200 solutions providing you with the resource you need, we can help you to provide those services, help you to determine if the new methodologies are working for you.

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