Bespoke Development

Bespoke Development - why?

As much as we sometimes try, it can be difficult to fit a square peg into a round hole, without making compromises.

But why compromise when you can make the hole square? With our years of expertise in scoping out development works, and working with high-quality development partners, we can provide the solution that not only fits you, but is tailored to your exact needs.

Whether it be something simple like making analysis codes more readily available, or something much more complex we can help.


The Process

The process is fairly straightforward, but it is vital that at each stage the client fully understands what is going to be delivered.

With this in mind, we carry out the following activities:

  • Specification. This involves discussing the requirements with the client, in order to deliver their software needs. At this point it is important that all parties involved are clear in their understanding. As part of this process the specification is documented and revised as required following reviews, until satisfactorily understood, and signed off.
  • Development. This is the 'dark art' the actual programming to provide the functionality you require in Sage 200.
  • Testing. Initial testing is carried out by us, to ensure that we catch as much as we can in terms of bugs. Let's be realistic, there will always be some. This internal testing this then followed up by End User Acceptance testing. This is your opportunity to break the software, or find out where it's not working as expected. Until you sign off, the software goes nowhere near your live system.
  • Deployment. Only once the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) has been carried out is the software deployed on your live system. Now everyone can see the fruits of our labours, and benefit from the enhanced functionality being provided.

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