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Quality of customer service. That's what makes a good BP. If you find yourself unexpectedly short of resources, then we can provide it.

We can offer a valuable, additional resource for you, when you need us.

In addition, we can supplement your support desk, covering unexpected absences, with expertise that perhaps you don't have readily available.

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What Can A Subcontractor Offer You?

All the selling and up-selling in the world is great, but only if you can deliver what your sales team have promised.

We're able to help with projects both large and small. Simple, or very technical. Short, or long term.

Maybe it's not availability of resource, but skillset. Not all consultants, know all software involved in a particular project. Our exposure to Sage 200 products, and additions from 3rd parties is extensive, so we may be able to help. We may even be able to bring a more effective solution to the project, than was originally envisaged.

It may seem odd, but even the experts sometimes need training. You could have taken on a new starter, but don't have the technical availability to give them the start that you need them to have, in order for them to become an effective part of the team?

Are you a Business Partner who doesn't have a development team? dc200 solutions can be your development team. Providing the skills you need to understand the customers requirements, document them in a specification document, and then deliver a product that provides the additional functionality your customer requires. Additionally, it's imperative that your support team are trained on the amendments, so that they can provide an appropriate level of support to your customer, should there be any questions.

Development expertise:

- Complex Sage 200 reports
- Excel based reporting
-VB Development

Expertise in a wide variety of projects for a wide variety of customers is what has improved the skills on offer. We've worked with businesses both large, and small. From 1 to 65 users. With, and without development or addons.

And this expertise is what we offer to you, to supplement what you already have. Perhaps to offer skills in a market you're not familiar with

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