Sage 200 Enhances Our Business

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Sage 200 enhances our business processes. We wanted to do more, however our Business Partner became very poor at communicating with us…..


Not an Unusual Story

This particular client had embarked upon a project to move from Sage 50 to Sage 200 in September of 2015. It seemed like the natural step, given their business needs. Sage 200, far from being Sage 50’s bigger  brother, offers significant benefits in functionality. Sage 200 provides more control, in many ways.

We Want to Make More Use of Sage 200

“As a business our customer requirements mean that we need to make our processes more efficient and scalable.”

Whilst the business is growing, and the volume of transactions increases, there is a desire to keep the headcount stable. To achieve their goals, DC 200 Solutions were recommended in by a mutual contact.

 What Did We Do?

After an initial consultation a report was drafted outlining the business requirements which hadn’t already been met. The report provides an outline plan for all parties to refer to and review as we work together to provide the best solution for the client.

We’ve already begun the process of enhancing Sage 200 with a simple piece of development being carried out at this time, and we’re looking to utilise the Excel Development skills we offer, to further make sure that Sage 200 Enhances the business processes, rather than restricting them.

A detailed scoping exercise is the next part of the process, where in-depth detail will be put in place outlining the solutions that DC 200 Solutions will recommend to meet their needs. Furthermore, it ensures we don’t attempt to tackle too many things at the same time.

We’ll continue to develop this site, using the skills and knowledge gained after many years in the industry.

Having put together a project plan the goals and expectations will be clearly defined for all to refer to as the process continues.