Increase productivity with Sage 200c


We often get asked about how companies can increase productivity when utilising Sage 200. Here are some of our top recommendations.

Multiple Screens

It may seem like an odd thing to recommend, and we know that it incurs additional costs. Additional monitors are proven to increase productivity by at least 20-30 percent for individuals.

Merely giving a user additional ‘real-estate’ to perform their tasks makes them more productive. Able to open multiple Sage 200 screens they can see more information, and get to it much more efficiently than with just a single screen.

Not just related to Sage 200, being able to work on an Excel spreadsheet, or have a permanently available e-mail application, increases a users ability to work with multiple streams of information significantly.

Review Business Processes

Most businesses have grown from something very small, and with very few people. The skills within the business are perhaps limited, so we develop business processes that work for us at that time.

Very often we find ourselves speaking with businesses, asking probing questions about why processes exist. The default answer? “Because we’ve always done it that way.” For us at DC 200 Solutions, this is a great answer, because it allows the grey matter to work at understanding the process, and potentially providing a more efficient solution. It could be something as simple as exporting an invoice to a .pdf document, then manually attaching that .pdf to an e-mail to send to a customer.

We’ve got a solution for that.

And this is the point. Often it takes an additional, unbiased, pair of eyes to review the processes, and to present suggestions as to how those processes can be streamlined. Thus providing more efficient, less labour-intensive solutions to users, and businesses.

Better Solutions

Going hand-in-hand with the paragraph above, it is often the case that the solution you have in place for your business processes are able to be improved by implementing a software solution that has already been developed. Sometimes investing in a custom solution for your business is the right thing to do. No two businesses are the same, no matter how hard we try to imitate our peers. The underlying desire to be better than them means we should constantly be looking at how to make it so.